Primary Purpose 

Plan, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive program of guidance to school assigned, including counseling services.  Provide a proactive, developmental guidance program to encourage all students to maximize personal growth and development. Provide academic and social services support as required by administration to maximize learning, optimize school attendance and decrease barriers to school success.






Master’s degree in guidance and counseling

Valid Texas counseling certificate


Special Knowledge/Skills:

Knowledge of counseling procedures, student appraisal, and career development

Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

Ability to instruct students and manage their behavior

Excellent problem-solving abilities



Three years teaching experience



Program Management:


Plans, Implements, and Evaluates a Developmental Program of Guidance, Including Counseling Services

  1. Uses a planning process to define needs, priorities and program objectives.
  2. Implements a developmental and balanced program.
  3. Evaluates the effectiveness of individual activities and the overall program in meeting desired student  outcomes.                   
  4. Educates the school staff, parents and the community about the guidance program through a public information program.




Teaches the School Developmental Guidance Curriculum

  1. Outlines, in writing, a campus guidance curriculum consistent with the district’s guidance program plan and tailored to campus needs.
  2. Teaches guidance units effectively.


Assist Teachers in the Teaching of Guidance Related Curriculum

  1. Consults with administrators and teachers regarding the teacher’s areas of responsibility in teaching the developmental guidance curriculum.
  2. Supports teachers in teaching “essential knowledge and skills” identified in the SBOE Rules for

Curriculum which are guidance-related.


Guides Individuals and Groups of Students Through the Development of Educational Plans and Career Awareness

  1. Involves students in personalized educational and career awareness.
  2. Presents relevant information accurately and without bias.




Counsels Individual Students with Presenting Needs/Concerns

11.        Provides counseling systematically.

  1. Responds to students individually.


Counsels Small Groups of Students with Presenting Needs/Concerns

  1. Provides counseling in groups as appropriate.
  2. Provides group counseling systematically.


Uses Accepted Theories and Techniques Appropriate to School Counseling

  1. Uses accepted theories.
  2. Uses effective techniques.




Consults with Parents, Teachers, Administrators and Other Relevant Individuals to Enhance Their Work with Students

  1. Using professional expertise, work collaboratively with school or district staff, families and community professionals to provide appropriate academic, social, or behavioral interventions. This may require home visitations.
  2. Provide professional services directly to students as required; such as record management, academic planning and/or tutoring.
  3. Advocates for students.




Coordinates with School and Community Personnel to Bring Together Resources for Students

  1. Maintains a communication system that effectively collects and disseminates information about students to other professionals as appropriate.
  2. Develops and maintains positive working relationships with other school professionals.
  3. Develops and maintains positive working relationships with representatives of community resources.
  4. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with students’ family, school professionals, governmental and community professionals to optimize school attendance.


Uses an Effective Referral Process for Assisting Students and Others to Use Special Programs and Services

  1. Accurately assesses student’s and their families’ needs for referral.
  2. Participates actively in the process for referral of students to school/ district special programs and/or services.
  3. Uses an effective referral process for assisting students and others to use community agendas

            and services.





Participates in the Planning and Evaluation of the School Group Standardized Testing Program

  1. Is knowledgeable in the principles of testing and measurement which underlie standardized

            testing program development.

  1. Collaborates in the planning and evaluation of the group standardized testing program.


Interprets Test and Other Appraisal Results Appropriately

  1. Correctly applies principles of testing and measurements to tests and other appraisal instruments. 29. Interprets test and other appraisal results to school personnel.
  2. Interprets test and other appraisal results to students and their parents.
  3. Uses other sources of student data as assessment tools for the purpose of educational planning.
  4. Maintains the confidentiality of student assessment.
  5. Ensures that the uses of student records are for the benefit of students and personnel working with those students.




Adheres to Ethical and Legal Standards

  1. Observes ethical standards of the Texas School Counselor Association.
  2. Observes relevant legal standards.


Adheres to Professional District Standards

  1. Pursues continuous professional growth and development.
  2. Keeps abreast of current knowledge and innovative procedures and practices in the fields of

            guidance and counseling in education.

  1. Selects counselor interventions appropriate to students’ issues and circumstances
  2. Creates an atmosphere in which confidence, understanding and respect result in a helping


  1. Maintains positive working relationships with other counselors.
  2. Maintains professional records.
  3. Respects the integrity of the student.



  1. Performs other duties as assigned by principal.


Supervisory Responsibilities


Supervise assigned counseling aide(s) and counseling clerical employee(s).


Working Conditions:


Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Maintain emotional control under stress. Self-directed and flexible.


The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.