Primary Purpose:


Transports required items to assigned locations within required timeframes in a manner ensuring quality standards of operation conducive to and in compliance with government agencies, accrediting agencies, and district standards and regulations in providing food service to the school.  Provides a means of communication between production sites and satellite kitchens to obtain feedback, support and cooperation.





A valid Texas Driver's License with a good driving record

Food Handler's Permit (for Food Service driver)


Special Knowledge/Skills:

Ability to maneuver a van-sized vehicle

Ability to perform simple mathematics

Ability to read, write, and speak English

Ability to work accurately while meeting strict deadline schedules

Ability to operate two-way radio equipment to communicate with base station office and school campuses, when necessary, following appropriate radio procedures



         At least six months driving and delivery experience in a van-sized or the like in all weather



Major Responsibilities and Duties:


Vehicle Operation

  1. Observe all district operating procedures appropriate to vehicle being driven.
  2. Observe all state traffic laws to insure safe operation of vehicle.
  3. Check vehicle for mechanical defects each day and notify ship supervisor of needed repairs, when necessary.
  4. Report all accidents and mechanical failures. Complete required reports.
  5. Complete daily trip report to include vehicle mileage.
  6. Keeps the truck organized, clean, clutter free, and completes the daily checklist of the vehicle condition. Records any maintenance needed on the truck properly and timely.  Refuels the truck to ensure uninterrupted delivery schedule.


  1. Loads, transports, and unloads all supplies, mail, and/or food products in a timely manner to all assigned locations. Keeps all doors closed and secured; safety belt fastened and all items secured before vehicle begins moving.
  2. Reviews amounts of required items being transported to ensure proper quantities are transported.
  3. Secures all hot carts, food, supplies, pans and all other transported items before and after each stop to ensure safety and prevent spillage.
  4. Keeps storeroom organized, clean, and stocked with everything in its proper place. Ensures that all products from the warehouse are brought to Central Kitchen.
  5. Keeps all leftover foods in walk-in coolers and freezers (#2) in an organized manner while properly rotating and labeling all leftover food products.
  6. Keeps the truck organized, clean, clutter free, and completes the daily checklist of the vehicle condition. Records any maintenance needed on the truck properly and timely. Refuels the truck to ensure uninterrupted delivery schedule.
  7. Records daily temperatures of the freezers in warehouse.
  8. Checks folders and bank bags and places on trucks.
  9. Picks up hot carts and food when directed by supervisor.
  10. Exercises a high degree of personal appearance and hygiene; uniforms are required.
  11. Ensures that food items are stored in safe and hazard-free environment.
  12. Establishes and enforces standards of cleanliness, health, and safety following health and safety codes and regulations.
  13. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.


  1. Use correct lifting procedures when loading and unloading.
  2. Ensure that the vehicle and its contents are secure before leaving the vehicle to make any pickup or delivery.
  3. Correct unsafe conditions in work area that could cause an accident and immediately inform the director of any conditions that you are not able to correct.
  4. Limit size and weight of items to be transported using available space in the vehicle as a guide along with a per item weight limit of about 20 pounds. Heavy or bulky items should be transported using custodial or maintenance personnel.
  5. Wears safety seat belts at all times.
  6. Maintains safe work environment.

Supervisory Responsibilities:




Equipment Used:


Uses food and utility carts; van-sized vehicle, weight lifting belt, hand truck, fuel pump, ladders, mops and brooms.


Working Conditions:


Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Continual standing, walking, pushing, and pulling; frequent stooping, bending, kneeling, and climbing (ladder), moderate lifting and carrying; moderate exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures.


The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills that are required.