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TitleAdmin Assistant to Assistant Principals
Posting ID1458

Primary Purpose:






High school diploma or GED

Texas Notary Public


Special Knowledge/Skills:

Proficient typing, word processing, and file maintenance skills

Effective organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

Ability to use personal computer and software to develop spreadsheets, databases, and do word processing, desktop publishing

Knowledge of basic accounting principles


Minimum Experience:

One to three years of secretarial experience, preferably in public education environment



Major Responsibilities and Duties:



  1. Coordinate and organize testing materials.
  2. Compile testing rosters and room assignments.
  3. Check-out and in testing materials to teachers.
  4. Proof bubble sheets for errors and PEIMS information.
  5. Package and return testing materials.
  6. Assist in contacting students needing to retake Exit TAAS.
  7. Coordinate a TAAS database for campus.
  8. Calculate the number of tests needed and order accordingly.


  1. Assist in submission of fall PEIMS information including leaver, bilingual, at-risk, GT and vocational information.
  2. Verify PEIMS extracts.
  3. Justify PEIMS changes and make corrections in the school's Region XIII file (database).
  4. Verify course master schedule and special codes for PEIMS.



  1. Organize and distribute teacher bubble sheets.
  2. Collect bubble sheets and transport to San Antonio for scanning (every 3 weeks).
  3. Input the teacher grade correction or changes into the computer system.
  4. Verify computer calculations of semester averages with teacher gradebook/tear strip.
  5. Assist with the folding and mailing the 3 week progress reports and 6 week grade reports. 


  1. Assist with building (inputting course sections) the master schedule.
  2. Checking and correcting semester codes, credits earned and special codes.
  3. Assist with completing schedule changes as needed for balancing courses.
  4. Running data queries as needed.
  5. Running course rosters for teachers and distributing prior to the start of the semester.
  6. Assist with resolving scheduling conflicts.
  7. Assist with student course selection in the spring semester/organize the distribution of materials and pick up of materials.
  8. Assist with the input of student requests as needed.
  9. Maintain the course catalog and input changes as needed.
  10. Type final copy of master schedule for distribution. 

Staff Development 

  1. Assist with weekly staff development during the collaboration periods (running paper copies, setting up the conference room, registering for the conference room, completing teacher sign in sheets).
  2. Assist with campus staff developments (running off paper copies, setting up the meeting rooms, completing sign up sheets, assigning rooms, developing roster).



  1. Run off and distribute teacher newsletters/memos.
  2. Run off and mail newsletters for parents.
  3. Assist with school registration.
  4. Order student schedules and distribute to the needed locations.
  5. Assist the registrar with student records as needed.
  6. Affix labels on student records (TAAS, Course Info., SAT, ACT).
  7. Assist with room assignments for TAAS review prior to testing.
  8. Attend needed training at the Region Service Center.
  9. Perform Notary services as needed. 



Supervisory Responsibilities:



Equipment Used: 




Working Conditions:


Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:




The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Rangestarting at: $12.68 / Per Hour
LocationNew Braunfels High School

Applications Accepted

Start Date12/05/2018

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NameKara BockTitlePrincipal